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Pictures: Disneyland Hotel Tower Painting (8/26/22)

The three towers of the Disneyland Hotel are being repainted.

wp 1661549373312
The Adventure Tower from across the Downtown Disney Parking Lot
wp 1661549373324
The Fantasy Tower from the parking lot side.

wp 1661549373333

wp 1661549373340

wp 1661549373346
Fantasy Tower Pool Side
wp 1661549373355
Fantasy Tower Pool Side – A closer look at an unfinished section

wp 1661549373363

wp 1661549373371
Adventure Tower Pool Side
wp 1661549373380
Frontier Tower Pool Side

wp 1661549373389

wp 1661549373396

wp 1661549373405

wp 1661549373412

More pictures are in my full Disneyland Resort picture set from this visit this weekend as well as other projects.

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