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Pictures: D23 Expo Preview – Walt’s Plane

Mickey Mouse One: Walt’s Plane exhibit is on display in the Arena at this year’s D23 Expo. In addition to the plane are a half dozen display cases.  At the event it was announced the plane is heading to a museum in Palm Springs after the Expo –

Walt Disney’s Grumman Gulfstream I plane will journey from D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim to Palm Springs, California where it will be celebrated mid-October when it is displayed alongside the Palm Springs Air Museum collection. In addition, a new exhibit will be constructed at the Museum and open on Walt Disney’s birthday, December 5, 2022. This new exhibit will highlight the history of the plane—also known affectionately as “The Mouse”— and showcase its significance to The Walt Disney Company’s history and its relevance to the Palm Springs Area. “We are so happy to have Walt’s plane make a ‘landing’ at the Palm Springs Air Museum, just a few miles from where Walt and his family had vacation homes at Smoke Tree Ranch,” said Walt Disney Archives director Rebecca Cline of the plane, which will be on long-term loan to the Museum. “It is the ideal setting for this incredible icon”

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