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Pictures: D23 Expo 2022: Walt Disney Imagineering: 70 Years of Making the Impossible, Possible

The Walt Disney Imagineering: 70 Years of Making the Impossible, Possible presentation was on the Premiere Stage from 1:00-2:30 on Sunday during the D23 Expo 2022. Here is the official description: For 70 years, Walt Disney Imagineering has blended imagination with cutting-edge technology to create groundbreaking experiences. Join Imagineers past and present as they discuss the core elements of storytelling and innovation that bring dreams to life for guests from all around the world.

Below are some pictures from the two panels.

Barbara Bouza, President of Walt Disney Imagineering gave some brief opening remarks and then turned the event over to Leslie Iwerks who moderated the two panels.   A video celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Imagineering was played during the introduction of the panel.  WDI has shared the video:


First Panel: Creativity and Story Telling:
The initial panel focus was on creativity and storytelling featuring Kevin Rafferty, Charita Carter, Kim Irvine, Jeanette Lomboy, and Bob Weis.  The Imagineers shared some stories from over the years as well as some of their philosophies.

Second Panel: Technology and Innovation
The second panel took a more technical turn and featured Imagineers – Ron Hamming, Alfredo Ayala, Emily Dow, Leslie Evans, Tommy Jones.


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