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Daynah’s Japan Adventures: Tokyo Banana

Hello Disney Geeks! My family and I are on vacation in Japan and we wanted to share our Disney findings, experiences, and some Japanese culture with you. Be sure to follow along here at for more posts about our Japan adventures.

tokyobanana disneyHave you heard of Tokyo Banana? They are banana-shaped sponge cake with cream filling and come in many different flavors. These delicious snacks are usually packaged individually in plastic, like most things in Japan.

A box of Tokyo Banana would make a wonderful gift to bring back to your friends and family. What makes it a great choice for omiyage (gift from a place the gift giver has recently traveled to) is that it is unique to Japan and is the official souvenir treat of Japan.

I was walking around Haneda International airport and saw various shops selling different types of Tokyo Bananas. I was pleasantly surprised by the Tokyo Banana x Disney collaboration! The packaging is so sweet and exquisite. This collaboration debuted earlier this year in June. Which one is your favorite?

tokyobanana pooh

tokyobanana pooh2

tokyobanana pooh3

tokyobanana pooh4

tokyobanana minne


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