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Daynah’s Japan Adventures: Visit to a Toy Store

Hello Disney Geeks! My family and I are on vacation in Japan and we wanted to share our Disney findings, experiences, and some Japanese culture with you. Be sure to follow along here at for more posts about our Japan adventures.

disney toystore tomy5The kids and I were wandering around the Haneda Airport in Japan and found a toy store called Dōshin Juveniland TOKYO. There were all sorts of toys in the store and we found some very unique Disney ones there too!

There was a nice collection of Takara Tomy Disney Motors on the shelves. This collection is an original Tomica that expresses Disney characters in the body design of the vehicle. What is a Tomica you might ask? In Katakana, it is written as トミカ and is a line of die-cast toy vehicles, which was mostly mainly cars, produced since 1970 by Takara Tomy Co. of Japan. A lot of people collect these and there are so many types. You can even find exclusive Tokyo Disney Resort Exclusive Tomica as well.

There was also an adorable Disney Pop’n Series of toys. Pop’n toys are known for their musical talent. You can collect them, connect them to get them synchronized, and let them dance and play music. There are 10 different pieces in this collection – 4 play music and 6 dance. It is kind of hard not to smile when you see them all in action.

There were so many fun things to see at the toy store. Keep scrolling down to see more and tell me what your favorites are.

disney toystore dolls

disney toystore

disney toystore popn1

disney toystore popn2

disney toystore tomy1

disney toystore buzz

disney toystore tomy2

disney toystore tomy3

disney toystore tomy4

disney toystore tomy6

disney toystore

disney toystore tomy7


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