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Daynah’s Japan Adventure: Believe! Sea of Dreams @ Tokyo DisneySea

Hello Disney Geeks! My family and I are on vacation in Japan and we wanted to share our Disney findings, experiences, and some Japanese culture with you. Be sure to follow along here at for more posts about our Japan adventures.

The new nighttime entertainment at Tokyo DisneySea “Believe! Sea of Dreams” premiered on November 11, 2022. I was fortunate enough to be there with my family for the new nighttime attraction.

The one thing you will learn about the Japanese culture is that people are very patient. They would wait hours and hours to for a show to start. Having two younger kids with me, I was not able to wait around to watch the show. So I kept moving about to take pictures from different angles. The best place to watch the show is definitely right in front of the Mediterranean Harbor where you can see the parade and fireworks. But if you have a spot in the far back, you can watch the amazing projections on top of the buildings.

Another thing I observed was that in the back of the show (by the projections) everyone was quite and was sitting down the whole time. This allows everyone to have a good view of the show.

My advice is to pick up dinner around 5pm or so, then find a good spot near the Mediterranean Harbor and have a picnic there. I saw a lot of people do this and thought it was quite clever. Another good spot is by the buildings with the projections, but also facing the Mediterranean Harbor. That way, you are entirely immersed in the excitement of the show.

The kids really love the caramel popcorn at Tokyo DisneySea, so we got the special “Believe! Sea of Dreams” premium popcorn bucket with it. We had to refill it after they finished the first one!

In “Believe! Sea of Dreams,” Disney and Pixar friends remind dreamers to keep on believing and making their wishes come true. The spectacular show takes place at Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea, where the waters are transformed into the Sea of Dreams—a place filled with “wishing stars” that appear whenever someone makes a heartfelt wish.


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