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Pictures: Checking in On Mickey’s Toontown @ Disneyland

Paid a visit to Mickey’s Toontown this afternoon. The land was as busy as ever with guests everywhere. The kids were mostly having a great time, adults were more varied. The land is already starting to show some ware in CenTOONial park with pain peeling off in several spots. The other challenge of the land seems to be stroller parking. Today they were asking guests to leave them out in Fantasyland. Inside the land the trolley building and lawn were mostly full and strollers were all over.

CenTOONial Park is already showing signs of ware
Paint is peeling off several of the light posts
And the roots have lost their coating too

The roof facade work is still ongoing.
Pete was making the rounds in the neighborhood area

Also noteworthy the train the circles the top of the store was stopped over the registers and not running (it is not in this picture)
Inside the gift shop the model trains have been replaced with merchandise in the display nearest the registers

Notice the custodial bins are new and seem to go with the area

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