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Pictures: Little Mermaid Sand Sculpture @ Disneyland Resort

Disney x Pandora have teamed up to create a beautiful and unique collection to celebrate The Little Mermaid in theaters May 26th. Pandora’s new collection captures the essence of friendship and adventure, with designs that bring to life the new perspectives of the reimagined classic, championing female empowerment and independence. This collection will be available on May 25th, 2023. You can join Pandora Club to be the first to see the new collection.

My family and I were at the Anaheim Disney Parks yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised by this Little Mermaid sand sculpture being created in the Esplanade at #Disneyland to celebrate the Disney x Pandora collaboration.

When we arrived at the Park around 11am, the Arial side was completed.

littlemermaid sandsculpture1

As we left the parks around 6pm, we watched the artist continue to create a sand sculpture of Ursula on the other side.

littlemermaid sandsculpture ursula

I had dinner at Earl of Sandwich, so I picked nice table with a great view to watch the artist continue to create his masterpiece. I wonder how many buckets of sand did they bring for him to play with.


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