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Shanghia Disneyland Zootopia-themed Land – Food, Beverage & Merchandise Details

Fully Zootopified Land Brings Every Detail of Zootopia Stories to Life

Shanghai, September 5, 2023 – From entertainment, merchandise, and food and beverage offerings to a brand-new attraction, every single detail of Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia is fully “Zootopified” to immerse guests in the mammalian metropolis upon their arrival. With Disney’s storytelling, creativity, and extraordinary attention to detail, Zootopia will take the theme park experience to exciting new heights.

Zootopified food and beverage choices bring food from the big screen to real life
At Shanghai Disney Resort, immersive dining experiences play an integral role in the memories guests make at the resort. Upon opening, guests will find Disney’s signature take on storytelling-based food and beverage through a variety of Zootopia-themed desserts, snacks, drinks and much more.

Jumbeaux’s Cafe will provide Zootopified food and beverage offerings
Jumbeaux’s Cafe will provide Zootopified food and beverage offerings

The epicurean journey begins at Jumbeaux’s Cafe, the famous elephant-run ice cream shop. The original Jumbeaux’s Cafe in the Walt Disney Animation Studios film is where Judy Hopps meets Nick Wilde for the first time and helps him and Finnick to obtain a Jumbo-pop, even
though she later finds out it was for a paw-shaped popsicle scheme. In the themed land, Jumbeaux’s Cafe is now adapted to welcome animals of all sizes and has made accommodations like a lower take-out window for smaller customers, fashioned directly into the façade’s original elephant-sized door.

The highly anticipated paw-shaped popsicle from the film is a vivid example of how the dining experience is being Zootopified. By partnering with Mengniu, the Official Dairy and Ice Cream Provider of Shanghai Disney Resort, the resort created the Disney Zootopia Popsicle, a faithful replica of the frozen treat that the small rodents working at Lemming Brothers Bank love most. This creative treat is flavored with hawthorn berries, keeping the same vibrant palette as seen in the film, while bringing a comforting and unique taste known to Chinese guests.

Also inspired by the same scheme is the Chocolate Marshmallow, which mimics the size and look of the Jumbo-pop that Nick tricks Judy into buying, but re-imagined as a raspberry-flavored marshmallow to provide a variety of options for guests to choose from.

Designing experiences for animals of all sizes is one of the key tenets of Zootopia, and this is fully reflected in the new land. The resort will also offer a Mini Chocolate Bar with the same look but a much smaller size to allow guests a small bite. What’s more, Officer Clawhauser’s favorite snack – Donuts – will be provided in two different sizes, meeting the needs of all animals, as well as appetites, big or small.

Upon opening, Zootopia will also offer a wide variety of food experiences inspired by the film, such as the Disney Zootopia Blueberry Pie created by Gideon Grey, the fox; the Carrot Shaped Lollipop that will remind everyone of Bunnyburrow, and even more treats to come.

Besides tasty treats, an adventure in Zootopia would not be complete without adorable food and beverage souvenirs that incorporate exciting scenes from the film to fully immerse guests in the dining experience.

Enjoy the metropolitan life by dressing up in Zootopified goods from head to paw

The creative Zootopification of every detail also guides the design principle behind the development of shopping experiences and merchandise offerings in this exciting new land. This is not only reflected in the merchandise locations, but also in the assortment of products and exclusive collections, where guests can bring their Zootopia memories home with them to cherish forever.

Fashions by Fru Fru is a merchandise store in Zootopia. Owned by Fru Fru, Zootopia’s favorite fashionista and the daughter of Mr. Big, the store’s exterior features colors and flourishes that match Fru Fru’s outgoing personality. One of Mr. Big’s polar bear “henchbears,” Koslov, stands guard at the main entrance of the store and snarls at shoppers that get too close to him.

Koslov stands guard at the entrance of Fashions by Fru Fru
Koslov stands guard at the entrance of Fashions by Fru Fru

Inside Fashions by Fru Fru, there are two special areas themed after Yax and Duke Weaselton, two characters popular with audiences for their unique humor in the film. These areas will offer even more diversified shopping experiences and product offerings, bringing more characters from the film to life.

Guests will find product lines offering something for everyone at Fashions by Fru Fru. The resort’s merchandise team spent years developing over 200 products, many of which were designed especially for the new themed land. The collection includes headwear, apparel, accessories and much more, inviting guests to dress up from head to paw!

The collections incorporate fan-favorite characters, from Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to Flash, Clawhauser and more, highlighting the vibrant and diverse world of Zootopia. All are designed with careful consideration of the character’s species, personality, appearance and stories, resulting in unique and memorable creations. Guests may also find a lineup of items themed to iconic scenes in the land inspired by the film, such as Fashions by Fru Fru Toy Bricks and Tundratown Building Toy Bricks, making them the ideal souvenirs for guests to take home as a memory of their visit, or gifts for friends and family.

Additionally, a special Disney Zootopia Cute collection will debut when the new land opens. Featuring a wide range of enchanting items, the collection will provide more shopping options for resort guests.

Zootopified alliances with new creations available exclusively for resort guests

After opening, guests will find a wide range of creative experiences tailored for this bustling land through corporate alliances.

As one of the resort’s key corporate alliance collaborators, Skechers will debut their all-new Zootopified brand logo – SHI-KECHERS – promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles to all animals in Zootopia. Featuring a lion’s tail and mane, the new logo echoes the Chinese character for “lion,” seamlessly integrated with this unique metropolis.

In addition to the creative logo presence in the new land, a series of SHI-KECHER’s immersive experiences will be presented as part of the city experience, including a billboard advertisement on benches and special commercials, tailored by Imagineers, to be played on Zootopia’s iconic, oversized digital billboard.

PepsiCo, the primary beverage sponsor to the resort, will bring three of their well-known soft drinks – Pepsi, 7up and Mirinda – with brand new animal-inspired names that echo the Chinese characters of deer, rhino and sheep to Zootopia. Upon the opening of the new land, the three Zootopified drinks with specially designed labels will be exclusively available at food and beverage locations within Shanghai Disneyland. The Zootopification of these beverages adds another layer of storytelling and creativity from the film while being adapted to resonate with all guests.

Zootopia elements will also be embedded into iconic, well-received guest experiences jointly delivered with the resort’s alliance collaborators:

  • PANDORA, the official charm bracelet of Shanghai Disney Resort, will create a brand-new charm themed to the famous paw-shaped popsicle from the film, allowing guests to wear their unique Zootopia memory as accessories;
  • DEI (Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging), the official Imaging Service Sponsor of Shanghai Disney Resort that provides the iconic Disney PhotoPass experience, will capture guests’ magical moments as they explore the land’s new attraction and introduce brand new Zootopia-themed photo frames available after the land opens;
  • Invengo, the exclusive provider of the Shanghai Disney Resort Magic Passport and Magical Mementos, will offer guests the option of creating souvenirs specially themed to Zootopia, including the Shanghai Disney Resort Magic Passport, and Magical Mementos from their visit;
  • Energy Monster, the first and exclusive Official Power Bank Rental Service Sponsor of Shanghai Disney Resort, will provide Zootopified power bank rental stations in this new land. Guests will be amazed when they see the power bank rental services tailored for mammals of all different sizes!

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