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Daynah Review: Beat the Parents Disney Edition & Disney 100 Rubik’s Cube

Family game nights just got more exciting! Now you can celebrate Disney 100th with some new game additions. “Beat The Parents” Disney Edition Board Game and a shiny Disney 100th Anniversary Metallic Platinum Rubik’s Cube are now available to add to your game collection.

“Beat The Parents” Disney Edition
Pull out the game table and have a family showdown, Disney style, with the “Beat The Parents” Disney Edition board game. The stakes have never been higher — you can wager a Disney movie that everyone will have to watch if your team wins!

Experience the Disney magic in this kids vs. parents game of fun drawing and active challenges. Team members must us their Disney knowledge to get the right answers!

Start with your Mickey Mouse mover on the game board. Select a challenge card that matches the color your Mickey Mouse mover is on. Attempt the challenge on the card. If your teammate guesses correctly, you move one space forward. If time runs out, you lose and stay put on the board. There are over 150 unique challenges featuring some of your favorite Disney movies and characters.

Some active challenges will have you up and moving around, acting out charades, and even singing! Drawing challenges include with character clues, guessing games, and more.

My kids’ favorite challenges for the parents is when we land on orange and pick up a “musical play” card. They just love hearing us try to sing their favorite songs. The challenges have classic characters & modern characters from Dumbo, Peter Pan, and Alice to Coco and Turning Red.

This is a 4 player game, for ages 8 and up. I played the game with my daughters who are 12 and 7 years old. I found that most of the cards were difficult for my 7-year old since she was not familiar with some of the movies or did not have the skill set to describe or draw some characters. We ended up improvising and modifying the rules a little bit. The whole idea is to have fun and that is what we did! My kids really liked the cards with Disney characters on them as it helped them visualize the answers. They also liked the musical play cards as long as they were not the ones having to sing out the song. My kids are not very into acting out things, so they did not like the charades cards much. That is when we allowed them to pick another card.

“Beat The Parents” Disney Edition includes 150 Cards, 2 Dry Erase Boards, 1 Gameboard, 2 Mickey Movers, 2 Dry Erase Markers, 1 Timer, and game instructions.

First team to complete the final challenge and cross the finish line, wins! Make some popcorn and be ready for a fun movie night afterward. This is the perfect game for Disney-loving families.

Disney 100th Anniversary Metallic Platinum Rubik’s Cube
Celebrate Disney 100 Years of Wonder with this special Disney100 Rubik’s Cube, where the classic 3×3 cube gets a platinum finish with beautiful image of both classic and modern Disney characters. The six sides of the cube has the images of Mickey, Woody, Simba, Snow White, Elsa, and Disney 100 logo.

This Disney version of the Rubik’s cube is extra challenging as each of the 54-squares are unique. So trying to figure out which squares should be grouped together to make one of the 6 images is a bit difficult and tricky.

This Rubik’s cube makes the perfect gift for puzzle lovers and Disney enthusiasts, ages 8 and up.

Making memories is important. Spend some quality time with the family and bring them closer with these fun new items for game night.

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