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Pictures: EPCOT Spaceship Earth Walk Off Experience

This evening we decided to visit Spaceship Earth at EPCOT.  The posted wait was 10 minutes and it took us just under that to board.   When we reached the ancient Rome scene we stopped for about 10 minutes but then restarted again.   As we neared the garage scene at the top we stopped again. After about 15 minutes the lights were turned on and an announcement made that we would be escorted off.  Cast members arrived a few minutes later and started to let guests out starting at the top (which was not far ahead of us) and then we followed them down as they let the other guests out.  We followed the ride path down to the the printing press scene where we then took a door back stage and walked down a series of steps and through hallways to reach the exit.  At the exit cast members scanned our bands/passes and we were given a Lightning Lane Experience to  be used at select attractions.   In total we spent just over an hour from entering the queue until leaving the building.

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