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Disneyland Paris – Disney Symphony of Colours Kicks Off with Disney Electrical Sky Parade


Yesterday, January 8, 2024*, Disney Symphony of Colours** kicked off with Disney Electrical Sky Parade, giving guests the chance to experience a nighttime drone parade in the sky! This feat has been made possible through an exceptional new nighttime sequence combining synchronized drones, lasers, video projections, lights and fountains across Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This novelty is paying a dazzling tribute to the Main Street Electrical Parade, a nighttime spectacular that marked the history of Disneyland Paris when it was staged in Disneyland Park between 1992 and 2003. Disney Electrical Sky Parade gives nostalgic guests a chance to relive their childhood, and younger ones the opportunity to discover this iconic Disney Parks experience in a brand-new, never-seen-before format. More than 500 drones parade across the night sky in the form of illuminated floats, symbolizing the various icons of the Main Street Electrical Parade, including Mickey Mouse and his friends’ dazzling train, Elliott the adorable dragon and Cinderella’s carriage. The unforgettable electro-syntho-magnetic music, which has been remixed for the occasion, is once again setting the tempo for this spectacular festival of nighttime magic.

To develop Disney Electrical Sky Parade, the Disneyland Paris Entertainment teams have once again collaborated with Dronisos, official technology supplier of Disneyland Paris and European leader in drone shows based in France, United States and Middle East. This breathtaking new sequence is following in the footsteps of recent nighttime productions such as the award-winning and nominated shows*** Disney D-Light, Avengers: Power the Night and the incredible Bastille Day drone show performed on 14 July 2023.

*From January 8th until September 30th 2024

**Disney Symphony of Colours is a program of 3 new experiences launched gradually over the weeks.

***Disney D-Light (2022 Park World Excellence Awards – Best Live Entertainment / 2022 Parcs Fans Awards – Best New Show in France), Avengers: Power the Night (2023 Park World Excellence Awards – Best Live Entertainment Nominee), Bastille Day Show(2023 Blooloop Innovation Awards – #3 for Spectacular Innovation).

2 ADDITIONAL COLOURFUL EXPERIENCES TO COME AS PART OF DISNEY SYMPHONY OF COLOURSStarting February 10, 2024, guests will be able to enjoy A Million Splashes of Colour, a colourful, musical experience in a new, energy packed daytime show celebrating the animated films from both Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, with a host of characters and 30 dancers. This original creation, performed several times a day, will take guests on a journey through time to discover the stories of Disney Animation and Pixar – from timeless classics to the most recent hits. Music will play a central role in setting the pace for this celebration, combining two original scores and a mashup of iconic songs from fans’ favorite films in specially adapted versions.

*From February 10th until September 30th 2024

Main Street, U.S.A., a must-see when visiting Disneyland Park, will feature new colourful decorations from February 10, 2024*: Blooming in Colours: a journey into fairy worlds! The land will be decked out in dazzling decorations with sprinkling of colour, a twinkling of light and some flowery touches that ‘wake up winter’ thanks to Pixie Dust sprinkled by Tinker Bell and her twin sister, Periwinkle.

*From February 10th until May 5th 2024


In a not-so-far away kingdom, Disneyland® Paris will reopen the doors of its landmark five stars hotel on January 25, 2024, inviting all guests – especially children – to experience an immersive journey into Disney royal stories thanks to uniquely Disney entertainment. Along their stay, guests will discover La Troupe Royale Disney, a joyful duo of comedians accompanied by a Disney Princess character, that will unexpectedly perform surprise sing-alongs or interactive royal tales – a unique immersive experience available in no other Disney Hotel. They will also have the opportunity to interact with beloved Disney royal characters as well as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and friends, in new exclusive regal attire, many occasions to create lifetime memories!

Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland

In the spring of 2024, guests of Walt Disney Studios Park will be invited to step into the topsy-turvy and colorful world of Disney Animation’s Alice in Wonderland during an exclusive new stage show that will offer a modern and flamboyant twist on the beloved classic. Children and grown-ups alike will get to discover an energy-packed musical show that will bring together various types of performers. To top it all off, they will have the unique opportunity to influence the outcome of this show.

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