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Pictures: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure @ Disneyland – Project Status (3/15/24)

Checking in on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction site at Disneyland today. Here are some pictures from ground level of the project.

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wp 17105567239832642568201569478698

wp 17105567241365867215994112233958

wp 17105567240626890870367090476962

wp 1710556724196685027617404699440

wp 17105567241673980198662034594134

wp 17105567244145963497072010735875

wp 17105567242823080008071478518203

wp 17105567243486214298904153191978

wp 17105567243867214217295557596600

wp 17105567244476890480113296412384

wp 17105567243126691554943156948738

wp 17105570631514226584711529535726

wp 17105570631852868248375343482254

wp 171055706292954313692558657748

wp 17105570632467977474339157259554

wp 1710557063214962229649515432880

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