New Disneyworld Video

Hello all,

Received my copy of the latest free WDW planning video in the mail yesterday. I have not made it all the way through the DVD yet and haven’t even popped the CD in. This seems to be a very complete and the most extensive planning kit to date sent out from Disney.

The DVD contains one long video(the regular overview/visit to the park, etc..) then a large group of extras, probably close to a dozen.

So far I have watched most of the Resorts Extra, the Disneyland Resort one, Recent Additions, and played the Trivia game.

Want to mention that the Trivia game is a good challenge. The announcer gets on my nerves, but the game itself has some tough questions (as well as some easy ones). Good luck!

The Disneyland extra was interesting to me. It highlighted the happenings for the the 50th. The old footage of the park and parades was great to see.

To get your free planning kit (which includes the DVD and a CD) go to:

Or go to and click on the free planning kit link in the bottom right of the homepage.

More thoughts to come as I watch more…

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