D23 Second Anniversary

Disney’s D23 Fan Club is celebrating its second anniversary today. Happy Anniversary!!

Seems like only yesterday all us disneygeeks were speculating what the Are you 23? campaign was all about. Now with two years under its belt the Official Disney Fan Club is continuing to grow, evolve, and impress us.

This past year they hosted many events. Some the same or variations as the first year others completely new such as the Destination D: Disneyland 55 event that was held in September (check out our coverage of the event in our D23 section – http://www.disneygeek.com/d23). The focus seemed to be in spreading out the events to include additional cities and opportunities where as the first year really focused on Southern California (partially due to the Studios, Archives, and Disneyland all being here).

The Disney Twenty-Three magazine continues to impress and entertain. Even though I am a bit frustrated with the renewal process.. I think there should be a cut off date of x weeks before your due date to continue receiving the magazine on schedule. I renewed in January and still have not received my Feb 1 magazine.

I am looking forward to seeing what the third year has in store. The two big events that have been announced are a Destination D in Orlando this spring and the 2nd Expo this August in Anaheim.

In looking back at the first two years I would have to say that my favorite event was the Disneyland USA event back on July 17, 2009. This was a completely free event to celebrate Disneyland’s birthday that I was lucky (well quick enough with the web form) to get into. This event the D23 and Disneyland CMs went above and beyond and put on a great time for those who attended. (You can read my full write up of the event here).

So what are your thoughts on D23? Favorite event?

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  • Really looking foward to the D 23 expo in august!!


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