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Hello all,

Based on the feedback I have gotten over the past several weeks I have tweaked the new photo gallery template and I think I have a decent format. Now I’d like to know what galleries everyone is interested in seeing. The goal of this section is to provide a virtual tour/look at an attraction, show, event. The sample gallery takes a look at the Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Take a look then comment on this post or drop me an email with your suggestions for additional galleries.

2 thoughts on “Photogalleries??

  • Matt,

    Thanks fir the info. What resolution/width do you have your computer set to? Just curious, I am assuming that is what is going on. Can you see the entire width/picture when you view the single large ones?

    Also thanks for the compliment on the site… what’s the Micechat gang up to now, did I mislabel something?

  • Jason,

    Only thing I would recommend is to make it 1 image width smaller. It may just be on my aspect ratio, but the last image in each column gets cut off.

    Enjoy your updates! Keep them coming. Don’t let the people on Micechat get to ya, you do great work!


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