Playing Catch-up

Hello all,

Well as you have seen I was tied up last weekend at the D23 Expo and spent most of the week recovering from it and trying to get my images, video, and thoughts together and posted from the three days of Disney immersion.

Did any of you go to the Expo? If so what did you think? You have read/seen my thoughts. In summary I found the smaller sessions and panels to be great again, but the lines and issues to get into them a challenge. The large arena presentations I thought the Legends was great and the other two I attended not as good (the Studios and Parks/Resorts). My biggest complaint of the event was the amount of time I had to devote to waiting in line to ensure I got into the presentations I wanted. I thought the rooms for the sessions/panels were too small to accommodate the demand. This was the same issue as the first Expo and overall this one seemed even worse due to the increased crowds, less sessions, and people knowing the game. This could have been mitigated with larger rooms, overflow rooms, closed TV feeds, etc…

Moving on… received both my Mickey Monitor (WDW Annual Passholder Newsletter) and Backstage Pass Express (a small Disneyland one) in the mail recently. Found it funny how in the WDW one they list the mobile app as $1.99 but Disneyland it is free for Android. Guess you can tell which one went to press later.

Some interesting Dates to note in the Disneyland one:
Halloween Time runs 9/16 through 10/31
Christmas runs 11/14 through 1/8
They say the Disneyland Hotel finishing touches will be complete in November
Just like last year they are running the Halloween party on several Friday nights at Disneyland

A video on Halloweentime at Disneyland

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