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Feedback wanted – New Photo Galleries / Twitter?

Hello all,

I have been experimenting with new photo gallery options for some of our long running sections. I have left some of them in the By Request section but now I am leaning toward moving to a true set of photo galleries for things such as the Trashcans from the parks or the Safari attraction. I have two test galleries done and would like your comments.

For comparison:
Original Trashcan By Request Section
New Trashcan Photo Gallery

Or you can check out the Safari one I did a few months ago here

The second thing I would like feedback on is the use of twitter/facebook. I experimented last weekend at the D23 Expo and tried to post images and some information about what I was experiencing. Did you find this interested? Annoying? If you did not know our twitter feed is http://www.twitter.com/disneygeekcom

Submit a comment below, stop by the forum, send me an email, or submit a feedback comment on these two topics or anything else about the site. I am always looking for ways to improve.



8 thoughts on “Feedback wanted – New Photo Galleries / Twitter?

  • Thanks everyone for the comments. We will keep tweaking the formatting and experimenting moving forward. Glad the initial reaction is so positive. The intent is to use this type of gallery for photo collections that highlight specific attractions, topics, etc… not for regular updates because of the time involved to set these up. My thought is to move some of the persistent by request sections like the trash cans and Main Street Windows over to this type of format.

    So far not much feedback on the twitter account… Friday while at the park I tried to post more, do you find those interesting? Does the low quality cell phone camera make them not worth viewing? Or is it a good preview of what is to come in the full update? Thoughts?



  • I love the new gallery format! Love all the time and energy you put into the site. I enjoy following on twitter as well.

  • Love the site.

    I agree wth Paul F, it might be better with 3 across, but the gallery view is awesome. It would be great for the regular updates. The only other suggestion I would have is to use some sort of image viewer so when I click for a close up it just opens in a window on top of the page (is that an Ajax thing?) That way I can look at the full screen version, and close it without having to reload the whole page.


  • I did not know about your Twitter feed but signed up today.

    Also, I can’t believe you guys do cool things like the trashcan gallery. And the new one is an improvement over the old.

    Sorry I have no more specific comments but your site is something I visit every week.

  • I’d like to see the new format for all pictures. More of a photo album feel, better random access. Four pics wide might be too busy. Have you looked into three pics wide? Maybe limiting the number of photos on a page? The only weird thing is pictures with verbose comments will push the next row of pics further down and make a lot of white space. Short comments on a pic next to the wordy one will look oddly formatted.

    DG is one of my Top 5 sites. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • I like the new galleries.
    It’s nice seeing more pictures at a glance on one page. It might make panaramic shots very interesting too!
    Also, if I’m going back trying to find a picture I remember seeing in an update, it would enable me to find it much quicker.
    Nice job with all the updates by the way. 🙂 I look forward to them each week!

  • Hi Jason,
    I like the New Trashcan Photo Gallery better. Even trashcans are given a higher level of class when you’re to photographer. 🙂
    Have a great day! I really appreciate the work (?) you do with the photos, website, reports, etc..


  • Safari/ New trashcan gallery is actually convinent for the type of galleries.


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