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Disneyland Paris Turns 20 Today

I have never been to the overseas parks.. I keep saying one of these years.. I have only been saying that for Disneyland Paris now for 20 years. I actually own one of the commemorative tickets from before the parks opening that were sold at the Disney Store (remember when the Disney Store used to sell collectibles?). Below is another video of Disney Dreams that I have came across. I posted a couple entries with official Disney videos, images, and some other interviews if you missed them:
3/31 – Disney Dreams @ Disneyland Paris
4/2 – More Disney Dreams

The Disney Parks Blog posted some pictures from today in a posting earlier this afternoon:
Bon Anniversaire, Disneyland Paris!

A great video taken from a guest perspective of Disney Dreams. I am still impressed by the clarity of the projections and it looks amazing.

Disney Dreams! Disneyland Paris World Premiere 20th Anniversary (by

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