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2012 Disney twenty three Fall Cover Full

The latest edition of the D23 magazine hit news stands/mail boxes today. I spent some time reading through this issue, the Fall 2012 of the Disney Twenty-three magazine. The cover story was Disney California Adventure featuring an extended look at Buena Vista Street and Cars Land and an overview of the other changes. The magazine spans the company as usual, also included were features on Frankenweenie, Once Upon a Time, and the exhibit at the Reagan Library.

I thought the Buena Vista Street article. was great. It included a lot of detail on many of the references made on the street, many of which were in various releases but having them altogether was an interesting read. The Cars Land story featured a wide shot from the Tower of Terror balcony, I always enjoy seeing the parks from angles we do not have access to or normally see. Did you receive your issue yet? What did you think?

For more information on the issue check out the press release.

The gift for D23 members in the mailing is a magnet postcard for Disney California Adventure. The front features images from around the park, almost all of the new attractions and shows (GRR and Tower of Terror are the only two old ones). Interesting to note that Soarin did not make the cut.

Did anyone attend the Destination D this past weekend? I did not and was curious what those of you who did thought? If anyone is interested in sharing a guest column let me know. This was the first Destination D I did not attend. The previous two were for Disneyland’s 55th and Walt Disney World’s 40th. I have pictures from those as well as my thoughts and observations in my D23 section – http://disneygeek.com/d23

Last bit of D23 news, in case you missed it this past week tickets for the 2013 Expo in Anaheim went on sale last week. The Sorcerer level tickets have sold out but plenty of general admission remain. D23 recently announced that their Fanniversary celebrations will be coming to four additional cities this fall. Has anyone attended one of these? I missed the Los Angeles one due to being in Walt Disney World during that time.

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