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Space Shuttle Endeavour Crowds @ Disneyland

Were you at the Disneyland Resort Friday for the Space Shuttle Fly By? If you were curious what you thought and saw. Below are some pictures a fan of the site me showing the crowd on the Mickey and Friends parking structure awaiting the Fly By. Unfortunately only sent these shots, they took video of the actual fly by and it has not found its way to me.

There looked to be a healthy crowd up on the roof for the fly by.



Guests trying to seek some shade as they waited.


If you look closely you will see cast members on the roof of the parking garage as well as several buildings.


Here is a video taken from the structure (thanks to a friend of the site!)

Figured we needed at least one shuttle picture that I took.. so here is one I took earlier in the morning from USC.. it was heading for the California Science Center in this picture. Figured one from the garage would look similar. For more of my pictures stop by DGeeksTravels

IMG 9642

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