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Country Bears @ WDW – Updated looks, shorter show…

On of my favorites, the Country Bear Jamboree, has been closed for several weeks at Walt Disney World and reopened this week. The bears have all received some TLC. Unfortunately though the show has been shortened by nearly 5 minutes, so it is now about 10 min only. I am going to have to withhold judgement till I have a chance to experience the show first hand, but I am disappointed by the change. I cannot believe the average tourist is that impatient that the show needs to be 1/3 shorter. On the other hand it is better than what happened out here in Anaheim where the show was completely removed, so at least I can still travel to Orlando and catch Big Al and the gang… Another key question I have is will the Christmas version return? Below is a video Disney put out about the changes. What do you think? Have you seen the new show?

Walt Disney Imagineers Talk The Country Bear Jamboree Reimagining at Magic Kingdom Park

Our friends over at have a post today with some before and after photos and video. Some of the new bears look a little different/odd to me, but most look great! Here is the link to Deb’s posting.

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