2 thoughts on “Halloween Mickey popcorn buckets

  • What does the other Halloween popcorn bucket look like ? The regular style that’s alittle cheaper. if you know ?
    And what about the Halloween soda drink mugs,..did you see them by any chance?
    I hope there not the black & white skeleton dance ones like Disneyland has for this year 2014. Thanks for any info on them,

    • Lisa – This year they have several popcorn buckets around Disneyland for Halloween. I have posted pictures in my 9/12 & 9/19 updates as well is in several of the ODV pages in our Disneyland Dining section – This year there is a Ghost Mickey, the Mickey picture above, a Zero Dog House, a traditional bucket with the Skeleton dance on it. Yes the regular bucket is offered at a lower price than the premium.

      As for mugs there are several this year too. Ranging from a Maleficent Dragon sipper to a traditional mug that features the skeleton dance, I saw a Haunted Mansion Mickey/Minnie one, and another character one too.


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