Destination America has 6 Disney TV Shows Wednesday

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 27th) Destination America has a half dozen Disney related shows in a block.. they have all aired before, but from time to time they update the shows.

1:00 PM
Disney Cruise Line: Behind the Magic
Go behind-the-scenes of Disney Cruise Line’s mind-blowing operation and design, meet the masterminds who orchestrate a magical vacation and engineered a gravity-defying water coaster that will take your breath away.

2:00 PM
Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes
This journey into Disney’s first resort in Anaheim starts on Main Street and takes viewers on classic attractions.

3:00 PM
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Take a behind the scenes tour of Disney’s most ambitious theme park to date. Showcases the incredible challenge of how to combine theme park rides and live animals in a park environment.

4:00 PM
Undiscovered Disney Parks
How Disney Parks make vacations magical beyond the theme parks.

5:00 PM
Ultimate Walt Disney World
Our crew takes you on a journey as we explore the ultimate thrill rides at Walt Disney World Resort.

6:00 PM
Walt Disney World Resort: Behind the Scenes
In this exciting program viewers get an unprecedented look behind the scenes at many Walt Disney World attractions.

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