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Ducktales video with Real Ducks – Disney Celebrates Back to School with 90s Themed #ThrowbackToSchool Week (Disney Release)

Disney Celebrates Back to School with 90s Themed #ThrowbackToSchool Week

From today through September 14, Disney.com and the Disney Blogs will be talking about all things ¹90s in celebration of Back to School.

We’re throwing back to when you wore out your cassette tapes listening to ‘Hakuna Matata’, or crimped your hair to look like Topanga from ‘Boy Meets World.’ The Disney Blogs are bringing back the 90s with:

  • DuckTales with Real Ducks [VIDEO]: The Oh My Disney team recreated a live-action version of the original DuckTales theme song video featuring real live ducklings. Needless to say, it¹s adorable and pretty hilarious.
  • Which Disney Afternoon TV Show are You? [QUIZ]: From Darkwing Duck to Chip Œn Dale Rescue Rangers, find out which Œ90s TV show you¹d be cast in.
  • Disney Characters Reimagined for the ’90s: Check out original artwork of what some of your favorite Disney characters would look like if they lived in the ’90s.

On Disney.com we’ve also built a special portal that looks straight out of the Œ90s to showcase our throwback content (and give guests major nostalgia). Check it out here: http://di.sn/bpP

Fans are encouraged to Tweet/Instagram their Œ90s photos with #ThrowbackToSchool for the chance to be featured on Disney Blogs. We want it all: the Jasmine shirt you wore 24/7, the Disney Halloween costume you rocked in elementary school, and the sweet styles you wore to the Disney Parks.

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