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Disney U.S. Park Ticket Price Increase Today – Details & A couple of thoughts & observations

This morning both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort ticket prices went up. This is not an unexpected phenomenon as it happens just about every spring. There has been speculation for several weeks as to when and how much this years price increase would be and yesterday many sites reported the increase on both coasts.

The hundred dollar a day barrier has been crossed for the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and Disneyland parks are right up against it at $99.

For the full price lists here are the relevant Disney links:

Some observations/thoughts:

  • I am not going to get into a discussion if price increases are good/bad, right/wrong, justified/not… since it seems everyone else on the internet has covered every and all sides of this as usual. Bottom line is Disney can charge whatever they want and it is our choice if we want to pay or not. Based on ever increasing crowds in the parks and the dwindling of off season days I would find it hard to argue they have priced themselves out of the market, yet.
  • For me this will be my 20th year of an annual pass at Disneyland. I bought my first one in July 1995 for $89 plus parking for a total of $119. I have bought 3 WDW annual passes and 5 Premiere Passes over the years. Plus an assortment of other tickets over the years for myself, family, or friends. So for years a chunk of my entertainment budget has been going to the parks and it continues to grow.
  • I found it very interesting how the U.S. parks handled the price increases vs how Tokyo did. For Tokyo back in January they issued a press release detailing the price increase that will go into effect April 1st and stating what has changed since their last one, in 2011, and what is coming up. Where as here in the US you had speculation, rumors, some reporting, then the official websites and signage are updated today. Not real announcement or clarity on the increase. I think the way the Tokyo parks were handled was a lot more classy and understandable where as the US approach did not come across that well.
  • Speaking of Tokyo you can purchase a 1 day ticket there for under $60 for either park. So it costs about 75% more to visit the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando than DisneySea in Tokyo this upcoming year.
  • The largest percentage increase was on the Disneyland Premium Annual Pass at 11%, followed by the Premiere Annual Pass at 7%
  • The Premium Disneyland and WDW passes are the same list price of $779 but WDW has another $50 in taxes on checkout
  • The Magic Kingdom in WDW is the most expensive single day park to visit at $105+$6.83 tax, same was true last year but thought it worth pointing out that it is the most expensive Disney park on the planet to visit again this year. Also DCA is more expansive than the three other WDW parks again based on a single day ticket
  • It is interesting to me that the park hopping option in Orlando is between $50-$64 (depending on the number of days) but Anaheim is a straight $40 and the Anaheim parks are much easier to hop between making it easier to do.
  • A couple of changes this year to note:
    • WDW: Water park tickets now include both parks. No more individual park tickets.
    • WDW: The no expiration option has been dropped this year
    • Disneyland: No more parking add-on for new passes. If you renew you can purchase but not available for new passes

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