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Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy Now on DVD

sofia-the-first-princess-ivySophia goes on her most thrilling adventure yet in this new DVD, Sophia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy, released Feb 24th, 2015! The DVD is jammed packed with 4 exciting episodes and includes a FREE exclusive color-changing butterfly necklace for your little one.

Episodes included on this DVD:

  • The Curse of Princess Ivy
  • The Amulet of Avalor
  • Princess Butterfly
  • The Emerald Key

The Curse of Princess Ivy – Season 2, Episode 18 – 60 minutes
Sophia always finds herself in some amazing adventures, but this episode is probably her most thrilling yet. Sophia told her sister the magical powers her Amulet of Avalor contains, so Amber snatches it while Sophia was sleeping so she could have a turn. Unfortunately, stealing the amulet and trying to use it only unleashed a curse that summons an evil and banished Princess Ivy. Ivy threatens to destroy the amulet, seize the crown and turn the entire kingdom black-and-white!

To save the Enchancia, Amber and Sophia fly through the skies on dragons, with the help of special guest Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore). They work together to defeat the evil Princess Ivy (voiced by Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect 1 and 2). This episode shows how love, trust, and unselfishly putting others’ needs first can truly work magic!

The Amulet of Avalor – Season 1, Episode 14 – 30 minutes
There’s a thief in the castle! The Queen’s tiara, the golden goblets, and Sophia’s amulet are all missing! Help Sophia, Amber, and James put together the clues to capture the thief and find Sophia’s amulet.

Princess Butterfly – Season 1, Episode 19 – 30 minutes
This episode is about the All-Hallow’s Eve ball where all Sophia and her classmates get to enjoy a dance and costume contest. Her sister Amber always wins the contest every year. But this year, the fairies changed the rules slightly. All costumes must be handmade by their owners. In a desperation to win, Princess Amber cheats on making her costume but pays a big price. See how her sister helps her see her mistake and what she does to correct them.

The Emerald Key – Season 2, Episode 14 – 30 minutes
Two mysterious visitors show up in Sophia’s kingdom, both claiming to be Princess of Hakalo. Now Sophia’s family have to figure out which is the real princess. This episode has a beautiful song about what being a princess is truly about. Here are some of the lyrics:

Look for a wrong and make it right.
Be kind to others, day and night
Let your inner light shine through,
that’s how to be a princess true.

DVD Bonus Necklace
Sofia the First - Butterfly Necklace

My 3-year-old daughter really enjoyed the free necklace that came with the DVD. It’s a black and white butterfly necklace that changes color when it’s in the sunlight. You can see in the photo that it turns into a purple butterfly.

My First Impressions
My 3-year-old daughter and I watched the DVD together and we were glued to our seats with the Princess Ivy episode. Every scene was exciting and thrilling. And we absolutely loved the singing dragons! That was just unexpected. My daughter could not stop laughing. The one hour episode was action-packed and we absolutely loved it!

My second favorite episode is The Emerald Key because it showed that princesses can come in all shape and sizes. Simply wearing a lot of jewels and curtseying here and there doesn’t make you a princess. But being kind to others, righting wrongs, are all things princesses do.

I absolutely love all the original songs on the episodes. They have catchy lyrics that your child would love. I would recommend this DVD to toddler girls, ages 3-5.


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