Hong Kong Disneyland

Asia Trip Log – Day 4 – Hong Kong Disneyland – Park Day #hkdl

A trip log from Wednesday April 8, 2015 @ Hong Kong Disneyland

Started off the day spending some time in the room and posting pictures/videos from yesterday and then heading out to explore the Disneyland Hotel a bit. Had a couple of false starts this morning… had to go back to grab a camera battery and then rain gear but eventually got on my way walking by the dock and then over to Disneyland. We arrived a few minutes before park opening and headed for City Hall to take a tour of the park. We were booked on the Disney Spectacular Tour which occupied the next three hours. We walked up and down Main Street talking about the park and the street a bit then strolled into Tomorrowland. First stop was Buzz Lightyear. Then went for two trips on the Autopia before moving on to it’s a Small World for a cruise. Walked through Fantasyland and stopped by Winnie the Pooh then continued on into Toy Story. Went on the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop and Slinky Dog Spin. Continued on to Mystic Manor and then some went on Grizzly Gulch. Stopped by the Jungle Cruise for a daytime voyage and then headed back to Tomorrowland and bid farewell to our tourguide and hello to lunch at the Starline Diner. After lunch it was back to Adventureland for Festival of the Lion King. Then back to Main Street for the Flights of Fantasy Parade. After the parade made a quick walk back to the room to get some warmer clothes then returned to the park and walked through all the stores on Main Street USA and took some pictures. Then wandered through Adventureland and was just about to board a raft to the Treehouse when it started to rain. Since my rain gear was with the others and not me that meant a quick walk to a covered spot near Main Street. My group showed up with rain gear for me and we set off to Fantasyland. Paid a visit to Philharmagic and then walked through Fantasyland and into Tomorrowland. On the way the announced Paint the Night was cancelled due to weather. Ate dinner at the Starline Diner since it was not crowded and then went for a spin on the Orbitron. At this point the returned to Main Street and the rest of the group headed back to the room. I wandered around the hub and Sleeping Beauty Castle taking pictures then walked out to Mystic Manor for back to back rides before returning to Main Street for the Disney in the Stars fireworks. About two thirds the way through the show the skies opened again. I stuck out the show then walked back to the Disneyland Hotel to dry out and call it a night.

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 27,154
  • Miles – 10.2
  • Moderate Steps – 16,271
  • Moderate Minutes – 146

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