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Asia Trip Log – Day 8 features a tour of Tokyo & then onto Tokyo DisneySea

A trip log from Sunday April 12, 2015 features a tour of Tokyo then onto Tokyo DisneySea for the afternoon/evening.

Started off my morning bright and early… the sun came shining into the room in the 5am hour well before my 6am wakeup call. We were on our way just before 7am taking the shuttle to the resort line then transferring to the JR Line and heading for Tokyo Central Station to transfer to another line to reach the bus terminal for our tour this morning. We hit a snag in the plan at this point as there was an accident and our primary and secondary choice lines were both out of service. So we had to call a quick audible and with some help from the station attendants we were on our way to the subway and arrive at the bus station about 15 min before our tour started. The tour included stops at the Meiji Shrine, East Garden of the Imperial Palace, Sensoji Temple and ending up in Ginza. After the tour walked a couple blocks to the Tokyo Central Station and then caught a train back to Disney. Ate a late lunch in Ikspiari and then hopped on the Disney Resort Line and took it around to DisneySea. It was about 3:00pm so we purchased a Starlight pass to enter the park. Roamed around the Mediterranean Harbor area then the American Waterfront taking pictures of the area and just enjoying the park. Stopped by a couple stores as well as the lottery location for the Big Band Beat show, which we won, securing center section tickets to a later show. Around 4:00pm found a spot for the Fashionable Easter show. After the show went for a cruise on the Venetian Gondolas. Once back ashore made our way out to Port Discovery. Waited about 5 minutes for the Aquatopia then about the same for the DisneySeaElectric Railway back to the American Waterfront area. It was about time for the Big Band Beat show so headed inside. After the show fond a spot for Fantasmic then walked out to the American Waterfront and watched Happiness on High from there before continuing on to the Lost River Delta. There was no line for the Steamer so took it back to the Mediterranean Harbor. Wandered around and worked my way toward the exit going through some shops and taking pictures. On the way out stopped by guest relations then headed for the Resort Line back to Bay Side Station. Boarded a shuttle back to the Hilton to call it a night.

Daily Stats

Pedometer Readings:

  • Steps – 25,824
  • Miles – 9.7
  • Moderate Steps – 15,211
  • Moderate Minutes – 139

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