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Toy Story That Time Forgot On Blu-ray & DisneyMoviesAnywhere (My 1st Impressions)

Toy Story That Time Forgot first aired on ABC last for the Holiday 2014 season on December 2, it also aired on the Disney Channel. The 22 minute show is available on Blu-ray and DisneyMoviesAnywhere with some bonus material as of November 3.

If you do not remember this adventure here is a couple sentence spoiler free recap – some of the Toy Story gang is taken along with Bonnie to play at a friend’s house after Christmas. While there the toys encounter the Battlesaurs led by The Cleric and Reptillus Maximus. Trixie is the lead character in this story and it is up to her to save the day.

Toy Story That Time Forgot PackageThe offering includes the traditional bonus material selection. A filmmakers commentary is available. There are a half dozen deleted scenes with introductions. A 2D animated opening to the Battlesaurs TV show, and a sing along. The longest bonus feature is an almost 11 minute piece taking an in depth look at Reptillus and the Battlesaurs backstory. To round out the material is a short featurette on the teams experience at ComicCon. For a full listing of the bonus materials and the technical details here is the original announcement about the offering.

I enjoyed revisiting the Toy Story world and with this home video release gaining some insight into the Battlesaurs mythology and what went into this show. I always enjoy learning more about what it takes to bring these stories to life and the amount of thought and detail that goes into the backstories is always amazing. The bonus material on this offering will take you more time to explore than the show itself since it was originally a half hour TV special which translates to roughly 22 minutes of run time only. The commentary brings up some of the challenges to making a TV special but I would have liked to have seen an expanded featurette talking about the unique challenges ranging from the strict time constraints to commercial breaks. And how these differ from a theatrical short or a feature film.

If you are looking for another Toy Story show to add to your collection this will be high on your list. If you are interested in learning a little more about the backstory and what goes into this type of show the bonus features will shed a little light on the subject for you. I would have liked to have seen something more maybe a tease for Toy Story 4 or another short thrown into the set to really give an extra reason to own it.

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