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2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - Sign

The 2016 Egg-Stravaganza at the Disneyland Resort started on March 2 and runs through March 27 (or supplies run out).   This year they have expanded to three hunts, one at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney.  So you can search for up to 36 eggs hidden around the resort.

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - Disneyland Map

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - DCA Map

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - Downtown Disney Map

Disney describes the hunts this way:

Step 1: Purchase a specially themed Eggstravaganza Map and stickers
The Maps are $5.95 plus tax and no discounts can be applied.  You are limited to 25 per guest and you need to redeem them by April 2, 2016.

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - sample egg

Step 2: Hunt for the Disney Character themed “eggs” and place the corresponding sticker on the map

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - Redemption location

Step 3: Whether or not the “egg hunt” is completed, return the map to the designated redemption location to receive a special surprise!

2016 Egg-Stravaganza @ Disneyland Resort - prizes

My thoughts/observations on this year’s hunt:

  • I have always enjoyed the egg hunts. I do them differently than most.. I usually try to do it without looking at the map.. just roaming the park. Friday I was rushed for time because of Luigis and the addition of Downtown Disney so I only had a couple hours to find 36 eggs so I took a look at the map for some hints to help me out and even with that the last couple were found after dark.
  • The addition of Downtown Disney is a nice plus, especially for those who are not visiting the park or looking for something to do with the kids while shopping. I thought the locations in Downtown Disney were the easiest of the three. At one point I was able to see four or five eggs just rotating around a single spot. I would have liked to have seen one or two out at the Disneyland Hotel to draw it out further.
  • Disneyland was about on par with previous years. There were a couple eggs inside stores which I am not sure if I am a fan of or not. I like having them out so you can roam around and find them. Stores add to the complexity.
  • Disney California Adventure seemed the hardest for me. Some of the eggs were in bushes and were a little more challenging to find.
  • Missed opportunities – I thought they missed the opportunity to have some different character eggs or even more elaborate ones like you find in the overseas parks. Also they could have had different prizes for the different quests to make them unique.. maybe three common and one for each park.


**** For a spoiler filled look at where all 36 eggs are located here is my picture set featuring them. ****


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