Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World – Day 3 (5/2/16) Recap/Summary

Trip log:

Started off my morning with a 5:45am wake up call so we could be out from for a cab at 6:15 to head to Oak Trail for a quick 9 holes of golf.  We were back to the room just after 9 and on our way to the Magic Kingdom around 10am.  Arrived to find a lot of people and confusion at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  They were asking everyone to go through metal detectors and were having mixed results.  Took about 10 minutes to get through from bag check to inside the park.  We missed our first FastPass of the morning so I rebooked it while walking.  Stopped for a performance by the Main Street Philharmonic in the hub then walked through Cinderella Castle to Fantasyland and used our FastPass+ for Peter Pan.  Then walked back by the Castle toward Tomorrowland.  Got sidetracked by the Street Party that just rolled up so took some pictures of the Zootopia characters then made our way to Tomorrowland. Had a few minutes to kill so went for a voyage on the Peoplemover.  Once back used a FastPass+ for Buzz then rescheduled our Haunted Mansion one earlier and went over there to use it.  Scheduled Small World while in line and used that as soon as we exited and while onboard scheduled my next one for Pirates.  Walked over and went for a cruise on Pirates and then headed for the park exit.  Walked to the Contemporary and had to wait over 20 minutes for a bus to Disney Springs.  Upon arrival walked over to the Boathouse for lunch.   After lunch checked out the Town Center work then walked to Saratoga Springs and hopped on a bus to the Animal Kingdom.    Walked out to Africa to look for the new Acrobats group, they were by the Market.   Watched their performance then trekked through Pangani Forest and watched the gorillas for a while.  Checked the Safari line, still too long for my patience so walked over to Asia and watched the Gibbons and another performing group near the Marketplace on the way over and then one in Asia too.  Decided to loop back to Africa to check the Safari wait… it had gotten longer.  It was almost an hour and the park was only open for another 45 min or so.  Decided to wander through the park and the Oasis taking the path less traveled.  Eventually made it to the bus stop and headed for Epcot.  Met up with the rest of my group and we walked around World Showcase. Stopped in China for a performance by the Dragon Acrobats then continued on.  It started to drizzle as we reached Morocco so we walked quickly to France for cover.  Watched the film and upon exiting it was pouring outside so grabbed some food to wait it out.   Just about 9pm we decided it let up and headed for the front of the park.  We ended up having to cross several lakes along the way but eventually made it to the bus stop and back to Pop Century to end the evening.

Pedometer Stats:
Steps – 35,835 (9,119)
Miles – 13.5 (3.4)
Moderate Pace walking steps – 26,281 (5,720)
Moderate Pace time – 231 (48)

Parenthesis are golf portion of the total for the day.

Images from today:
Here is an archive/listing of the live pictures posted to the blog today. Be sure to follow along for more pictures in the coming days. Below are a selection of the highlights. Once I return home I will be posting full picture sets. Here are several posts with multiple images:


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