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Teri’s Take – Disney Press Books for New Parents, Bedtime Stories & Cooking

Editors Note:  Congratulations to Teri she is a new mom as of mid October.  In between feedings, caring for him and trying to catch a nap she looked at half dozen books from Disney Press and shares some information and her first impressions of each below.


Peek-a-Boo Winnie the Pooh: Written by Marcy Kelman, Illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama (Disney Press $8.99 US, Ages 6 months and up)

A good lift-the-flap book that provides vivid colors and animations of Winnie the Pooh and his friends playing peek-a-boo. This little book was Interactive for both myself and my month old, providing fun entertainment and capturing our attention.

i-love-you-this-muchI Love You This Much: Written by Nancy Parent, Illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama (Disney Press $6.99 US, Ages 6 months and up)

                How much does Mickey Mouse’s friends love him? You will find out in this adorable book that is full of vivid colors and illustrations that capture a child’s attention.



Disney Baby My First Year: Record and Share Baby's "Firsts"My First Year: Written by Marcy Kelman, Illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama (Disney Press $12.99 US, Ages 6 months and up)

What has your baby learned to do in their first year? This adorable interactive book asks your child just that and gets them to wave hello or find their nose.  It comes with 28 milestone cards so that you can document some of those special occasions, such as: first tooth, first haircut, and first word. This set came in a keepsake sort of box and was really interesting to go through for both myself and my month old who enjoyed looking at the colorful characters. I ca not wait to read this book to my son over and over again in the coming year as he learns to do more.

bedtime-storiesDisney Bedtime Favorites: A collection of short stories (Disney Press $16.99 US, Ages 3 and up)

Never before heard short stories all about bedtime/nighttime from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies such as: Monsters Inc., The Lion King, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid.  Your child’s favorite Disney movie characters come to life in new and exciting stories for you to read to them at bedtime. This book is good for both boys and girls, and with 18 stories you will never have a hard time finding your little one something new to read. I cannot wait to read this to my son once he gets older and know that it will be a bedtime favorite for us both.

christmas_stories5 Minute Christmas Stories: A collection of short Christmas time stories (Disney Press $12.99 US, Ages 3 and up)

Twelve new Christmas stories from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies such as: Cars, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh and WALL-E. A collection of short stories filled with colorful illustrations from you and your child’s favorite Disney and Pixar movies just in time for the holidays. This book offers delightful stories for you to read to your children during Christmas time and will be in our holiday book stash for years to come.

chew_approvedThe CHEW Approved: The most popular recipes from The Chew Viewers (Kingswell $16.99 US)

                ABC’s cooking show “The Chew” has come out with a cookbook highlighting recipes of their viewers. The cookbook provides approximately 60 recipes split into 5 categories: Breakfast Bonanza, Amazing Appetizers, Weeknight Wonders, Fabulous Weekend Feasts, and Sensational Sweets.

This cookbook provides some of the shows favorite viewer made recipes that you are sure to love.

                I really enjoyed how this book was laid out, it was easy to read and provided colorful pictures of the food, the viewers and the show’s hosts. However certain recipes they provided multiple pictures of and others that I would have liked to have seen were missing, you can go online and find both the recipes and images if needed.

I especially enjoyed the following recipes:

  • Eggs Purgatory (Breakfast Bonanza), recipe courtesy of Antoinette Lordo – a great twist on eggs that is good anytime throughout the day.
  • Tasty, Trashy Taters (Amazing Appetizers), recipe courtesy of Wendy Bradley – a simple but delicious treat that everyone will love.
  • Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich (Weeknight Wonders), recipe courtesy of Ruth Scott – a great southern twist on your grilled cheese sandwich.
  • BBQ Fried Chicken (Fabulous Weekend Feasts), recipe courtesy of Jerry Butler – So succulent you’ll keep going back for more.
  • Cola Cake (Sensational Sweets), recipe courtesy of Karen Burkart – a surprising and simple twist on cake.


Lover of all things Disney since I was a child and with a new child of my own, excited to experience everything through his eyes.

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