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Morning visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios #WDW

Started my last full day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Walked by a Doctor Strange bus.

20161212 094014 wm

It was cloudy and humid to start the day.

20161212 094418 wm

First stop of the day Toy Story FastPass+, standby was only 45 min.20161212 095532 richtonehdr wm

Stopped by the Star Wars Launch Bay to check out the Rogue One additions.  I did a separate post with nore pictures.

20161212 101227 wm 1

20161212 101846 wm 1

20161212 101858 wm 2

20161212 102042 wm 1

Used a FastPass+ for Little Mermaid20161212 110207 wm

Lunch at Rizzos

20161212 111522 wm

The view toward Star Wars from the Muppet exit area.20161212 114118 wm

20161212 114124 wm

A fair number of guests toward the central courtyard.

20161212 114643 wm

Echo Lake

20161212 114856 wm

The Christmas tree on the way out.

20161212 115422 wm

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