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2017 Zootopia Oscars Movie Posters

Oh My Disney released movie posters parodying some of the biggest movies of the last year, including La La Land, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Nocturnal Animals. The posters feature what the films may have looked like if released in the animal world of Zootopia, where there are no humans – only hilarious puns reflective of our human world.

  • La La Land as La La Lamb
  • Florence Foster Jenkins as Fru Fru Foster Jenkins, starring Meryl Squeak
  • Fantastic Beasts as “Fantastic Cheetahs and Where to Find Them”
  • Nocturnal Animals as “Nocturnal Mammals” starring Jag Gyllenhaal
  • Hell or High Water as Hell of High Otter
  • Hacksaw Ridge as Hogsaw Ridge


The 2016 – Zootopia Oscars TV Spot & Parody Movie Posters

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