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Disneyland Star Wars Construction Check (2/24)

This post has a quick check of the Star Wars preparations at Disneyland taken with my cell phone. For more pictures visit my full picture sets and/or our construction progress section.
A check of the site from the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

20170224 130059 wm

A new building rising on the far side of the site, looks to be a backstage support building.

20170224 125636 wm

In the foreground the large show building continues to grow.  Beyond it foundation work for another building.

20170224 130105 wm

20170224 130107 wm

20170224 130112 wm

The roof of the marina is being covered with dirt.

20170224 130116 wm

20170224 130119 wm

20170224 130123 wm

20170224 125704 wm

Moving back to the near showbuilding the round room/end.

20170224 130129 wm

20170224 130132 wm

From the end of the Big Thunder Trail

20170224 142551 wm

Steel is being put up to support more rocks to the left along the Rivers of America.

20170224 142624 wm

20170224 142711 wm

20170224 142806 wm

Looking up river from New Orleans Square

20170224 145249 wm

From Critter Country
20170224 145915 wm

20170224 145918 wm

The concrete riverbed is starting to be poured.

20170224 150113 wm

20170224 150455 wm

Looking up the new walkway adjacent to the Hungry Bear.

20170224 151133 wm

20170224 151137 wm

20170224 151249 wm

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