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Disneyland Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Aerial Photos from 7/23/17

GVad the Pilot (@fsx404 on Instagram) shared a couple pictures of the Disneyland Resort he took that show the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction project as well as the new Rivers of America and Disneyland Railroad paths.

Disneyland from air on 7/23/17
Disneyland Resort from air on 7/23/17 – Star Wars Construction just to the lower right of center.


Disneyland from air on 7/23/17 - closer look
From 7/23/17 – A cropped view of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction site at Disneyland.


Disneyland from air on 7/23/17 - Annotated
The same picture as above from 7/23 with some highlights. The red line is the new train path. The green highlights the Millennium Falcon attraction building. The gold highlights the Battle Escape attraction building. The pink circles with numbers are the three entrances. Along the Big Thunder Trail are #1 & #2 and #3 is the path near the Hungry Bear in Critter Country.


Disneyland from air on 10/9/2016
To show how quickly the project moved, here is a picture from October 2016 of the site. Notice the Rivers of America was still being excavated and the old backstage road still cut through the middle of the project.

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