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Mickey And The Roadster Racers: Start Your Engines on DVD (Teri’s Review)

MRR Start Your Engines Box ArtAn expansion from Mickey Mouse clubhouse comes “Mickey and the Roadster Racers”.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy now live in Hot Dog Hills and run an awesome garage where they work on their transforming roadsters. Mickey and his Hot Rod, Minnie and Pink Thunder (shaped like a hair bow), Goofy and his Turbo Tubster (a modern-day jalopy), Donald and his Cabin Cruiser, and Daisy and her vehicle “Snapdragon.” When they are not fixing up cars they are racing in Hot Dog Hills and around the world.


  • Agent Double-O-Goof– As all of the Roadster Racers are prepping for a visit from the “Queen of England”, Goofy is mistaken for an English Spy and unknowingly is followed by a villain trying to steal a special case that belongs to Her Majesty.
  • It’s Wiki Wiki Time– Donald is in Hawaii trying to take a well-deserved vacation but is constantly interrupted by the rest of the Roadster Racers competing in the “Wiki Wiki Relay Race” against Team Pete.
  • Ye Olde Royal Heist– The Roadsters are all in London competing in the “Royal Roadster Race”, when the Queen’s Red Ruby goes missing and somehow ends up in Mickey’s Roadster, the race is on to find out who took it and catch the thief.
  • Abra-ka-Goof!– When racer “Gordon Gear” (voiced by former NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon) comes to Hot Dog Hills for the naming of a Hot Dog in his honor, the Amazing Goofini wants to perform a magic trick with him. But when a bunny rabbit emerges instead of “Gordon Gear”. Goofy, Donald and Mickey race through town to catch the rabbit and change him back.
  • Guru Goofy– It’s the tail end of the “Hot Dog Hills Roadster Games” and the only two left are Donald and Pete. Can Guru Goofy help Donald relax and focus in time for him to win?
  • Going Upppppppppp!– It’s Mickey’s annual race at Hot Dog Hills and they are flying high competing in the “Hot Air Balloon Roadster Race”


  • Goof Luck Charm– Goofy’s so lucky, Daisy would like to borrow just a little of that luck for an upcoming race.


The DVD comes with a FREE Exclusive Roadster Racers Flag!

Son’s Reaction
My son (who is 10 months old) whips his head around anytime the theme song to Roadster Racers comes on and smiles. He loves the transforming roadsters and the storylines keep his attention most of the time. I enjoy the lessons of how cheating is bad, and how friends are always there for one another during these episodes and hope that they stick with him when he gets older.

My son really enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey and the Roadster Racers is a great expansion on that show. While the show itself is not interactive, the colors and story lines keep his attention and he does not lose interest easily. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I think is a great show for younger children, but as they grow Mickey and the Roadster Racers will keep them entertained and enthusiastic for Mickey and his friends.


Lover of all things Disney since I was a child and with a new child of my own, excited to experience everything through his eyes.

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