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WDW Day 5 – Early afternoon at the Magic Kingdom

Spent a couple hours in the Magic Kingdom.  The plan was to take the Monorail then Ferry Boat.  That got derailed with the Monorail being down..  or insert your own joke about how the Monrail has changed..  or how this is a new way to convince tourists this is the Monorail.

They were lifting beams for the new Magic Kingdom entrance/exit fly over bridge today.

A truly unique view to WDW… approaching the Magic Kingdom by Ferry Boat.

Main Street USA this afternoon

Audioanimatronics continue to blink for me.. more than people do!

Ongoing construction in Adventureland.  Internet speculation is this will be the new Club 33 location.

Was almost impressed by the Magic Kingdom rolling out an Omnibus at 4pm…

But it was only to be used as a sign for the party.


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