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WDW Day 5 – Quick Evening Visits – Fort Wilderness, Animal Kingdom & Epcot

I wrapped up my 5th day at Walt Disney World with dinner at Trails End in Fort Wilderness then traveled to the Animal Kingdom to get a glimpse of Pandora a night and watch Rivers of Light before heading back to Epcot to close the evening with Illuminations Reflections of Earth.  Here are some cell phone pictures from this travels.

Arriving at Fort Wilderness

Turkeys on the beach…

Sleigh rides just about to get underway.

Hoop-Dee-Do crowd as we were leaving, at 6:18pm

Next stop Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Arrived at 7:17pm so almost an hour to get here.

Took a walk through Pandora spending less than 20 min because we decided to go see Rivers of Light that was about to start.  Here is a sample of the ground effects.

The floating mountain at night.

Caught a minute of the Tree of Life Awakening from the back side as I walked to Asia.

Found a standing Stand by spot for Rivers of Light.

The one lotus blossom on the right had issues most of the show.

No sign of the large lotus blossom for the finale.

8:20pm the Thor bus pulled in to take us to the Boardwalk.

Stopped by the room to switch some rain gear then walked to Epcot for Illuminations.  A small shower occurred so sought cover near the International gateway but it blew through before the show.  Found this spot 5 min before show time.

For more pictures from this trip visit my 2017 Walt Disney World Trip Summary Page for links.

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