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Tokyo Disneyland 35th Anniversary – Arrival & Anniversary Moment

To mark the 35th Anniversary there was a special opening ceremony scheduled for 8:45am (park opening was at 8am).  This was not listed anywhere that I saw.  I decided to let the initial rush of guest get to the park then I would try to make it in behind them and see the ceremony.  This was the first event I can say I was really disappointed with how Tokyo Disneyland handled it.   World Bazaar was jammed and a made house. There were a lot of cast members trying to manage the crowd but it was not working.  Secondly once the event started, you could not see it since the stage area was not elevated and most of World Bazaar (including my area) could not hear anything except some distance music at times.  It was extremely frustrating to be there for it but not really be there since you could not see or hear anything at all.

20180415 081606 wm
Tokyo Disneyland entrance from the Resort Line station did not look bad this morning.
20180415 081856 wm
Security was a little backed up but moving quickly. Took about 5 minutes to make it through.
20180415 082328 wm
No delays at the park entrance. This was about 20 min after park opening.

20180415 082502 wm

20180415 082629 wm
There were a lot of Cast Members near the entrance on in World Bazaar greeting guests this morning.
20180415 082638 wm
As you approached World Bazaar you found the crowds. It was packed!
20180415 0827190 wm
Looking up the street as I tried to inch my way forward and figure out a viewing location.
20180415 083424 wm
In the center of the street is an icon for the 35th anniversary featuring all the Mickey’s from previous anniversaries
20180415 083939 wm
A quick closer look – more pics in a later post
20180415 085504 wm
Think there is a stage for the event up there somewhere…
20180415 083435 wm
That writing on the left is the top of the stage area for the event. The crowd was thick so this is where I stopped to wait. This was about 10 minutes prior to show time.


20180415 083950 wm
Looking backwards
20180415 090105 wm
After it ended I made my way toward Adventureland to get away from the crowd.

20180415 090257 wm

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