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Tokyo Disneyland Day 2 Started off with some bad weather

Today, April 15, Tokyo Disneyland turns 35th and its nearly year long celebration officially begins.   My plan for the day was to see some of the new entertainment and enjoy the park.

20180415 061230 wm 1
My morning view of Tokyo Disneyland from our room. Cloudy, windy, and drizzly at the moment.
20180415 072636 wm
Looking out the other side of the hotel at Tokyo Bay there were a fair number of white caps.
20180415 073939 wm
After breakfast the weather looked worse out. A steady rain and more wind.

20180415 073943 wm

20180415 080255 wm
We decided to put faith in the weather forecast and head for Disneyland. The forecast said by late morning this would blow through. But for now a heavy wind with gusts up to 40mph and rain.  The Bayside station was a wind tunnel and guests were trying to take some cover until the train arrived.


20180415 080939 wm

Once onboard you could not see out, the windows were all fogged.

20180415 080926 wm

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