Tokyo Disney Resort Pictures

A rainy morning visit to Tokyo DisneySea (several pictures)

For more be sure to check out my 2018 Tokyo trip summary page as well as my full picture set once I return home.

20180418 101850 wm
Entering Tokyo DisneySea
20180418 101931 wm
The characters were under cover in the entrance way due to the weather. Spotted Pluto.

20180418 101953 wm

20180418 102100 wm
Guests lined up for the 11:30 Easter show, it was just after 10am and a steady rain was falling.
20180418 102231 wm
Making my way through the American Waterfront
20180418 1024180 wm
Toy Story Return Times already after 8:30pm and it was not even 10:30am yet.

20180418 102531 wm

20180418 103000 wm

20180418 104136 wm
Tokyo DisneySea wait times at 10:41am
20180418 105605 wm
Ducked into Zambini Brothers to get out of the rain.
20180418 110538 wm
Mt. Prometheus as I passed through Mysterious Island.
20180418 111101 wm
Mermaid Lagoon
20180418 120057 wm
Arabian Coast
20180418 120546 wm
A sea of umbrellas in the queue for the Magic Lamp
20180418 123849 wm
Found some eggs from the egg hunt.

20180418 123840 wm


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