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Dumbo Reopened today with a new covered queue (several pictures)

Dumbo the Flying Elephant returned to the skies in Fantasyland today after a several month renovation. Here are some cell phone pictures of the new queue area. For a more in depth look check out our full Disneyland picture set this weekend.  The area is still being worked on and some final touches such as the wait time sign are not complete yet.

20180427 142538 wm

The new queue is covered and lit.

20180427 142608 wm

It stretches around the entire back side of the attraction and looks like a set of tents.

20180427 142721 wm

Between the queue and attraction is space to watch the attraction and photograph those on board (or to walk your impatient child while someone else waits in the queue).

20180427 142430 wm

20180427 142848 wm

The Dumbo photo op is still in roughly the same spot.

20180427 142900 wm

The planters around the attraction have been removed and some new concrete has been installed.  It has a different design than the rest of Fantasyland.

20180427 142440 wm 1

There is a small planter with the Dumbo topiary.

20180427 142629 wm

At the entrance to the queue.

20180427 142611 wm

The ride itself was rebuilt during the renovation and looks like new.

20180427 142646 wm

20180427 142500 wm

20180427 142503 wm

20180427 142653 wm

For a more in depth look check out our full Disneyland picture set this weekend.

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