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Disneyland New Parking Structure Construction Pictures (4/27)

A new parking structure is being built on the former Pinocchio Parking lot adjacent to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure with a projected opening in 2019. For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set. For pictures of this project from past weeks be sure to visit the Disneyland Construction Progress Section

First up an overview of the project.  Everything looks cleared now and they are still grading the area closest the tram stop.

20180427 130020 wm

A closer look starting on the  left and working right.

20180427 130025 wm

20180427 130028 wm

20180427 130235 wm

20180427 130031 wm

20180427 130033 wm

It was quiet this afternoon with only a couple of trucks in motion.

20180427 130228 wm

20180427 130231 wm

20180427 130233 wm

The far portion of the project has markers up and looks like they are getting ready to start building.

20180427 130238 wm

20180427 130228 wm 1

20180427 130035 wm 1

20180427 130516 wm

20180427 130235 wm 3

A closer look at the survey markers.

20180427 130520 wm

A team working close to the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

20180427 130510 wm

For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set Here are all my in park posts from Friday afternoon.

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