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WDW Day 2 Pictures – Afternoon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I spent a couple hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this afternoon. Here are some cell phone pics from the trip. Starting off on Hollywood Blvd.

20180516 145430 wm

An assortment of collective sippers & buckets for sale.

20180516 145536 wm

20180516 145553 wm

20180516 145645 wm

A couple of Stormtroopers on patrol.

20180516 145714 wm

20180516 145908 wm

Pixar Place from the construction wall, on either side were switchbacks for the Toy Story queue. Not in use this afternoon.

20180516 152406 wm

The billboards are a bit old.

20180516 152659 wm

Skies are darkening..

20180516 154112 wm 1

20180516 152720 wm

The Guardians merchandise cart in the theater lobby feels really out of place, plus I miss the models.

20180516 153532 wm 1

Find it funny they still have the 2008 Paradise Pier model on display and all this is changing again already.

20180516 152944 wm

The Launch Bay was quiet, not Shanghai quiet, but not busy to walk through. Nothing new jumped out to me.

20180516 154221 wm

One of the shows ended so got to see the Star Wars characters walk by.

20180516 154646 wm

20180516 154643 wm

20180516 154618 wm

Miss Piggy Fountain

20180516 155451 wm

Rizzo’s was empty upstairs. Downstairs was fairly full.

20180516 155907 wm


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