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Muppet Babies “Time to Play” DVD Review

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The Muppet Babies are back for more imaginative adventures in their new DVD, “Time to Play.” Join the usual cast of characters as well as their new friend, Summer, for four episodes/eight stories from Miss Nanny’s playroom.

First Impressions

DARLING! That was my immediate thought upon watching these cartoons. Each episode has two stories in it and each story has a well written “moral of the story” weaved into it. Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf even have their own balcony overlooking the playground. I love how their characters were included too! As a little cute bonus too, Miss Nanny’s stockings always reflect what’s happening in that particular story.

  • Episode 1:
    • Sir Kermit the Brave”- Kermie conquers his fear of the dark with the help of a ‘fierce’ dragon who turns out to be more of a friend than foe.
    • “Animal Fly Airplane”- The crew learn to see the hidden potential in everybody; even someone as crazy as an animal.
  • Episode 2:
    • “Hatastrophe”- Telling the truth is always best, even when it’s hard.
    • “Fly South”- When Gonzo thinks he has to say goodbye to his feathered friend, the group shows him that “You never forget the friends you love.”
  • Episode3:
    • “The Great Muppet Sport-A-Thon”- While hosting their own version of the Olympics, Miss Piggy learns that quitting isn’t a good choice and losing is part of being a champion.
    • You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend” – When Gonzo befriends a potato and insists on having him be included in all the fun playground activities, he’s able to show everyone else that just because Potato is a little different, “doesn’t mean we can’t be his friend.”
  • Episode 4:
    • “Super Fabulous vs. Captain Icecube”- Super Fabulous (Miss Piggy) doesn’t want to share the superhero spotlight with Captain Icecube (Summer) but quickly changes her mind when she can only be saved by Captain Icecube and a little teamwork.
    • “Piggy’s Time Machine”- It’s Miss Piggy’s birthday tomorrow, but she wants it TODAY! Everyone learns that good things really do come to those who wait after they get mixed up in some time travel.

The DVD is loaded with extra features; two bonus episodes, 10 “Show & Tell Shorts” and six music videos. The “Show & Tell Shorts” give each character a chance to shine by themselves and then there are a few duets too. Personal favorite; Animal. The music videos are taken from a six of the story songs.

My five-year-old daughter LOVED watching this whole DVD. We had a friends daughter over for the evening and she was super engaged throughout the stories too and she’s only two-and-a-half. I highly recommend this DVD and I think that it targets kids aged 2-6 perfectly.


Shelly is a native Southern Californian who resides in Orange County with her husband and three year old daughter. She is rediscovering Disney through the eyes of her daughter.

One thought on “Muppet Babies “Time to Play” DVD Review

  • What’s disappointing to me is that Disney has failed to launch any more episodes of this on DVD. My twin three year olds are obsessed with this show but we can’t stream Disney plus on the in car DVD player…and listening to the same episodes over and over on a 7 hour road trip gets old real fast. It’s annoying how Disney tries to hold a monopoly over everything. Love the show..just wish they’d release more to dvd.


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