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1 Grumpy Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

grumpy bruce1 grumpy bear, 2 uninvited skunks, 3 mice throwing a party… and it only gets worse from there! Poor Bruce has a house full of unexpected guests! You can help him count them all.

1 Grumpy Bruce is an adorable and original board book where you and your little ones can count the never-ending party guests. This book is full of fun characters and humor, just like all of award-winning and New York Times best-selling creator, Ryan T. Higgins’s books. This one especially is perfect for your littlest readers!

Daughters’ Reaction

My daughters loved this book. We all laughed as I read and turned each page. Poor Bruce was suffering from all of the uninvited guests arriving. My 6-year-old daughter loved that it was very easy to read to her 2-year-old sister. My little one enjoyed looking at the beautiful illustrations and turning the pages herself.


The board book is made of a thick cardboard with glossy pages, which makes it quite durable for little hands to hold. The book is appropriate for ages 0 – 3 who are just learning how to count and enjoys seeing pictures of animals. Parents will laugh at the humor all over the book as poor Bruce has to deal with all of these uninvited woodland creatures in his house. I enjoyed seeing all the humorous illustrations in the book and I think you will too. 1 Grumpy Bruce will be available on October 9th, 2018.


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