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A look around Disney’s Fantasia Shop at the Disneyland Hotel (several pictures)

I stopped by the Fantasia shop at the Disneyland Hotel.  This is the primary gift shop located in the Fantasy Tower.  Halloween is front and center in the doorway from the lobby.

20180824 131323 wm

20180824 131329 wm

20180824 131327 wm

There is also a selection of items that have a retro feel/design.

20180824 131347 wm

20180824 131341 wm

20180824 131358 wm

20180824 131416 wm

20180824 131422 wm

Star Wars has a display facing the convention center entrance.

20180824 131428 wm

20180824 131435 wm

20180824 131441 wm

20180824 131448 wm 1

An assortment of socks.

20180824 131514 wm

20180824 131506 wm

Incredibles are featured on the display facing the pool entrance.

20180824 131550 wm

20180824 131536 wm

20180824 131601 wm

The sign on the pool side is down for renovation.

20180824 131615 wm

3 thoughts on “A look around Disney’s Fantasia Shop at the Disneyland Hotel (several pictures)

  • Do you know if they sell the poison apple steins? They’re the green, glow in the dark, plastic containers, not the mugs. Or, do you know where I may purchase one outside of Disneyland and DCA? I currently don’t have an AP. Many thanks!!

    • I do not remember seeing any there. I would try World of Disney or maybe the Disney Home Store they may have them or be able to locate which shop might.

      • Thanks so much for your reply. I’ll try those shops.


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