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Disneyland New Parking Structure Construction Pictures (8/24)

A new parking structure is being built on the former Pinocchio Parking lot adjacent to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure with a projected opening in 2019. For more pictures be sure to visit our full Disneyland Picture Set. For pictures of this project from past weeks be sure to visit the Disneyland Construction Progress Section

Here is a video overview of the site:

Starting on the east/left side of the site when you look at is the escalator portion of the structure.

A closer look.  They were removing some of the forms on the 3rd floor.

The main part of the structure is quickly rising with decking/temporary supports for the 3rd floor going in closest to Mickey and Friends, concrete being poured on some of the 2nd floor and closest to Magic Way the ground level taking shape.

The new structure appears to connect to the existing in two spots on each level.  Here is the connection bridge for the 2nd floor closest to the tram stop taking shape.

The second ramp is taking shape above the first now. In the distance you can see the second connection point in the back of the structures.

They were pouring the back portion of the 2nd floor this afternoon.  Also a closer look at the bridge.

In the foreground the new ramp in the middle new concrete on the second floor in the distance concrete on the ground level.

Looking across the structure.  In the foreground the 3rd floor taking shape. In the middle the 2nd and beyond the ground floor.

Here you can see the ramp leading to the 3rd floor.

The ramp will continue beyond the 3rd floor.  So it will connect to at least floors 2 through 4.

From the escalator you can see the progress of the bridge and two ramps.

From ground level.

Walking along Magic Way.

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Here are videos from previous trips:

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